• Jill Dunham

Will you serve?

Democrats are great people with great values. We need to show up and let people know this. I aspire to make Allegan County an example for how to heal the partisan divide. We can focus on our shared values and work side-by-side to continue to make Allegan County an amazing place to live, work and play.

When our float turned down Locust Street yesterday, a cheer erupted from the crowd - yes, they cheered us! So many people waved wildly to let us know they appreciate and support us. They are counting on us to lead.

So will you consider serving? All of our 24 townships will elect new leaders in November 2020. Can you serve? Will you serve? Who do you know that would be a great township trustee or city council member?

Or will you be the Democratic Precinct Delegate for your precinct? Do you love your community? Would you like to meet more Democrats? Would you like to give voters hope? It all starts with local leadership. If you have questions about being a Precinct Delegate, give us a holler. And help us find Precinct Delegates for all 46 precincts in Allegan County.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

With love and gratitude from

Jill Dunham, Chair of the Allegan County Democratic Party

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