• Jill Dunham

We can choose love

It's shocking how much our lives have changed in less than two weeks. The Presidential Primary took place on Tuesday, March 9 and the next day, Governor Whitmer declared a State of Emergency. Most of us are stuck at home, while the healthcare community battles this virus, grocery stores restock shelves and truckers deliver food and essentials.

We are feeling helpless and fearful, yet we must find a way to push back the fear and choose love. Our minds, bodies and spirits are interconnected. When we think fearful thoughts, it affects our physical body. Fear and worry take us out of the present moment. Stress suppresses our immune system. As we turn our attention to the present moment and what we CAN do, we will feel more peaceful.

We can count our blessings. Focus is key. We can't always choose our circumstances, but we can choose what to focus on. Do the fears keep trying to grab our focus? Yes - just keep choosing to focus on blessings.

We can organize, we can clean, we can cook. We can watch movies, we can do puzzles, we can play outside. We can read books, we can write letters, we can make art. We can do push-ups, we can do sit-ups, we can do squats, we can talk a walk. We can talk to our best friend or video chat. The list is almost endless. Focus is key.

And while this all feels very political and we democrats all wish we had a different president, let's also let go of the anger. Our minds, bodies and spirits are interconnected. When we hang onto anger, it affects our physical body. It lowers our spiritual vibration. It's poison, so let it go. I challenge you to use your energy for good. Be compassionate, be loving, don't take the bait. Lift the conversation every chance you get.

Choose love always, especially now.

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