Fighting for a Better Future for Allegan County

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  • Health care for all: accessible, affordable, quality health care including lower drug prices for all Allegan families.

  • Effective economic development: developing agricultural and business related jobs that pay a fair living wage.

  • Civil rights and social justice: working together to protect and advance the fair treament and rights of our residents

  • Quality, accessible education: for all Allegan families, from preschool thru high school an beyond

  • Environmental responsibility: thoughtful stewardship of our county and its resources that are placed in our care.

We are a local, grassroots Democratic Party that supports people, organizations, and community initiatives involved in advancing a progressive agenda in Allegan County. The Allegan Democrats are active, energized and working for you.


We're focused on:

Allegan County Democratic Party Platform

Allegan Dems strongly support the concept that all of our residents have the right to receive health care that meets their needs at every stage of their lives.


Healthcare is a major concern of Allegan County residents when they are asked about their needs. One in five persons living here forgoes some necessary health care due to cost. Allegan County has significant problems with access to primary care service with less than half the number of primary care physicians than most other Michigan and American communities.


Substance abuse and mental health treatment is difficult to obtain in the county, especially for poor and isolated individuals. Allegan County is ranked lower than most Michigan counties in overall clinical care. Marked socioeconomic and cultural differences exist between the communities that make up Allegan. The rural and low income areas of Allegan County have reduced access to healthcare, compared to its urban / wealthier areas, resulting in poorer health outcomes. 


ACDP advocates for a strong educational system that provides quality services and instruction to all students as necessary to meet the individual needs of each student and to help them develop their full potential. Our schools are an essential part of the foundation of our communities. They offer the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life and strengthen the economy of our towns and county. They are critical in the development of a shared sense of community which is both diverse and inclusive. A high quality public education available to all is the key to future opportunities for our families. 

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Allegan County is an urban influenced rural county. We have a combination of small and medium sized towns, a substantial agricultural sector, significant light manufacturing operations, large numbers of tourist / recreation driven small businesses. Our economy has diverse labor and infrastructure requirements that need to be addressed both present and future. At the same time, Allegan County has a significant amount of poverty, unemployment and infrastructure problems, with insufficient opportunities to climb out of poverty. Allegan County’s strategy for economic planning and sustainability needs to take all of the above into account. No “one size fits all” set of solutions can be applied. 

Civil Rights and Social Justice

Allegan county has a significantly diverse social, economic landscape. Within Allegan county, there exist pockets of wealth and areas of poverty. Allegan county is home to persons of multiple races and differing faiths. The migrant worker community benefits a vast number of fruit growers. Diversity brings many benefits to the county, as well as various challenges. The Allegan County Democratic Party promotes inclusive principles and fair human rights practices. Social justice must apply to all citizens, visitors and temporary workers. The ACDP is opposed to any discriminatory practices in housing, employment, marriage and access to services. 


The County of Allegan is fortunate to have outstanding natural resources. Residents and tourists can enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, cycling, or driving the countryside, all of which require a healthy, clean and accessible environment. The Allegan County Democrats believe the health and welfare of its citizens is critically linked to the maintenance and protection of our environment. Residential and business growth is inevitable.  Growth must be balanced with clean environmental practices. Working with all organizations, the agricultural community, businesses and government, we can achieve a sustainable, clean environment and green policies to support it.