Michigan Supreme Court

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Elizabeth Welch has dedicated her 25-year legal career to making Michigan work for us all through her employment law practice, public school advocacy, conservation leadership, election protection work, and extensive community service. She is running for the Michigan Supreme Court to add her fair and balanced lens to the Court and to ensure all courts in our State are accessible to our communities.

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Chief Justice McCormack was elected to the Michigan Supreme Court in November 2012. During her tenure, she has devoted herself to improving the way Michiganders experience our courts by ensuring it is independent, accessible, efficient, and engaged with their communities. She launched the Court’s Justice for All Taskforce and co-chaired the Governor’s Taskforce on Jail and Pretrial Reform. Prior to being elected to the Supreme Court, Chief Justice McCormack was a professor and associate dean at the University of Michigan law school, where she founded many clinical programs including the Michigan Innocence Clinic which has exonerated 23 individuals to date.