Join the Allegan County Democratic Party Today and Help Us Build a Better, Stronger Party

Member Benefits

An online donation to our MDP/Allegan County Democratic Party donation page makes you a member of the MDP and the Allegan County Democratic party. Please give generously to support Democrats - more if you can, less if you can't. A one-time donation will result in a 12-month membership. If you want a longer membership, you can donate monthly and set the number of months you want to donate and that will be the length of your membership. You can donate ANY amount, but we encourage you to donate at least $20 per year.

MDP Membership includes:

Voting rights at all meetings and conventions, invitations to local training events, community engagement events with MDP staff, regional town halls, bi-monthly newsletters, weekly press clips and updates on Party activities.

Note: you can join the MDP and ACDP for free by completing this form and mailing it to the MDP (address on form.) This is also the option for those who want to pay by check, instead of using ActBlue. Everyone who wants to help elect Democrats is welcome to be a grassroots member, regardless of ability to pay.